Use your Visa Debit card to access your savings and/or checking at any ATM displaying the Alliance One, CO-OP, or PLUS logo.

Our Visa Debit card provides more flexibility because it may be used anywhere that Visa or Interlink is accepted. Withdrawals and transfers may be made at any of the above-mentioned machines. Members get up to 6 withdrawals per calendar month free of charge (5 withdrawals for 1st Rewards Checking).

Sign Up for a Debit card

Want to change your ATM/Debit PIN?

Call 1.866.297.3411 to change your current issued PIN to your own personal PIN.

Don't remember your ATM/Debit PIN?

Contact us to request a reissue.

Surcharge Free ATMs

We also offer surcharge free ATM access at any ATM displaying the CO-OP or Alliance One Logo. See a complete listing of surcharge free ATMs!

Did you lose your card?

To report a lost or stolen card between 8am and 6pm EST, call 260.471.8336 or 800.728.8943 To report a lost or stolen card after hours call 1.800.543.5073.

Traveling out of the country?

Due to an increasing number of international credit card fraud activities, Partners 1st has limited the use of cards in certain countries. This is a security measure taken to protect you against fraud.

Countries we do not allow our Debit cards to be used in: Bulgaria, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine

Countries we do not allow our Credit cards to be used in: Nigeria, Syria

Please contact Partners 1st prior to your trip at 260.471.8336 or 800.728.8943.