NCUA Deposit Insurance

Now more than ever, the security of your savings is a top priority. We understand these difficult economic times have been a burden on many of us, but rest assured your funds are safe with Partners 1st.

Your deposits are insured to at least $250,000 at Partners 1st. We provide deposit insurance through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a well-respected federal agency. No credit union member has lost a penny of insured funds in the entire history of the NCUA.

Partners 1st is safe and sound. We have a solid asset base and a strong loan portfolio. Since we do not write risky loans or sub-prime mortgages, we have avoided many of the problems that have plagued the industry.

As you may have read, some corporate credit unions have had financial difficulty. Natural person credit unions like Partners 1st belong to corporate credit unions, individual account holders do not. Rather than ask for Government assistance, all natural person federally insured credit unions are providing resources to help stabilize the corporate credit union network.

As a federally insured credit union, Partners 1st has joined the credit union industry on this initiative. It is a demonstration of the credit union industry strength and determination, as well as the strong commitment of the credit union movement. The net effect on Partners 1st is a reduction of our capital, which remains high, as your credit union is well capitalized, financially strong and continues to offer low cost loans, competitively priced investments and many free and low cost financial products and services.