Successful financial planning is about more than chasing today's hottest trends or trying to time the market. If you are like most investors, you can't afford to make mistakes with your hard earned money. Let Preferred Financial Group assist you with a wide range of financial services.


We can review your current retirement plan, assist in 401(k) rollovers, analyze pension options, and help determine if you are on pace for the retirement income you desire.

College Education

We can help determine how much you will need to save for a child's education and then work with you to create an investment plan to achieve this goal.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Our firm handles tax preparation and planning for both individuals, partnerships, fiduciaries, and businesses.


Make sure that your assets will be properly dispersed upon your death. We use the most tax-efficient methods of transferring your assets to your beneficiaries.


We can provide low cost life and long term care insurance.

Preferred Financial Group offers free tax and investment consultations. Please call 260.637.7282 or 877.637.7282 to set up an appointment by phone or in person.