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5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage

What is a 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

Our 5/5 adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM, is a 30-year mortgage that starts with a low fixed rate for 5 years. Thereafter, the rate may increase/decrease no more than 2% every 5 years.

Why Choose an ARM?

An ARM will typically have a lower starting rate than a fixed rate mortgage. This can help you get the smallest possible monthly payment at the start of your loan.

Partners 1st 5/5 ARM Benefits
• Available for purchasing a new home or refinancing a current mortgage
• Lower starting rate than fixed-rate mortgages
• Loans up to 95% of home value
• 2% maximum increase/decrease at each adjustment
• 5% maximum adjustment over life of loan

Contact our mortgage department at 800.728.8943 or 260.471.8336 or email to get started.


Primary residence max LTV 95%/secondary residence 80%. Cash-out refi max 75% LTV. Credit score of 680 or higher required. Initial rate equal to FHLMC 30-year fixed rate minus 1%. Floor rate of 2.75%. Price future adjustment to 5 year T-bill constant maturity. Margin 2.5%. Max increase/decrease of 2% at each adjustment date. Max life of loan adjustment 5%. No point buy-down option.