Partners 1st made me a HOMEBODY...and I LOVE IT! When I made the decision to purchase a home, Partners 1st FCU took the time to work with me and my individual mortgage needs. They had great interest rates and a variety of mortgage options to choose from. Now, I can relax knowing that I did not just buy a house, I invested in a HOME.

At Partners 1st FCU we offer:
•    Loan servicing that will never be sold        •   Very low closing costs
•    Fixed or adjustable rate mortgages            •   Free loan comparison service  
•    Various terms to fit your needs                   •   Financial consultation

Contact our mortgage department at 800.728.8943 or 260.471.8336 or email to speak with a mortgage professional who can guide you through every step. You can also apply for a 1st Mortgage using our online application.