New Partners 1st Debit Cards coming soon!


At Partners 1st FCU, we’re committed to safeguarding your Partners 1st debit card account. That’s why we are issuing new EMV chipped debit cards to our members. This chip technology helps protect your card from unauthorized use. When you use your new card at an EMV chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code that is shared with the merchant. Older magnetic strip cards would share user card information to complete the transaction, which was a common target for fraud. The unique transaction code makes it difficult to copy the card.

Please watch for your new debit card to arrive in the mail in the near future. These will be mailed out in three stages beginning January 26, March 1, and finally March 28.

If you had an address change or name change recently, please contact your local Partners 1st office or call 800.728.8943 so we can update our records before ordering your new card. You may also update your information by logging in to your account at