Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases

10.74% variable*

Other APRs

Introductory Balance Transfer APR: 0% (depending on our review of your application and credit history) through 12 billing cycles after account opening; after that, remaining balance moves to variable APR for purchases, as shown in Variable Rate Information below. Must be processed within 60 days of account opening.
Cash Advance APR: 16.75% variable*
Default APR: 18% See explanation below**

Variable Rate Information

The following APRs may vary monthly based on Prime Rate:

Cash Advance APR equals the Prime Rate plus:
11.75% (A+ rating) 11.75% (A rating)
13.00% (B rating) 13.00% (C rating)
13.00% (D rating)

Purchase APR equals the Prime Rate plus:
5.74% (A+ rating)
7.74% (A rating)
10.74% (B rating)
13.00% (C rating)
13.00% (D rating)

Grace period for repayment of purchases balances

Not less than 23 days

Method of computing the balance for purchases

Average Daily Balance, including current purchases

Minimum Finance Charge Per Balance Category:


Balance transfer Fee:

3% ($5 minimum)

Annual Fee:


Late Fee:


Cash Advance Fee

3% of the advance ($5 min/$50 max. per advance)

Visa International Transaction (1% Visa assessed, 1% processing charge)

2% of transaction amount

We may change the APRs, fees, and other terms of your account at any time in accordance with applicable law.

*The Prime Rate used to determine your APR is the Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal on the first business day following the 20th of the calendar month, subject to a maximum rate as determined by law which is currently 18% APR.

**Your Purchase, Balance Transfer and Cash Advance APR may increase if your Account becomes 60 or more days late in making the minimum monthly payment when due as shown on your billing statement for any billing cycle in which a payment is owed.